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Product information

NABBI products are manufactured and packaged in our production facility in Uppsala, Sweden.

The beads are made of polyethylene, and the pegboards are made of transparent polystyrene.

NABBI Biobeads are made of Biodolomer, a Swedish bio-based and biodegradable material. Visit NABBI BioBeads homepage for more information.

NABBI beads are available in sizes Jumbo (10 mm Ø, from 3 years) and Standard (5 mm Ø, from 5 years).

Product safety

Our products are CE-marked and meet the European toy safety standard (EN-71) and the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

The products comply with the Swedish procurement authority sustainability criteria for toys and hobby materials.

Accredited 3rd party laboratories regularly test Munkplast AB products.

All packaging states the age for which the product is intended.

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