Ironing instructions

How to ironing NABBI beads

Step 1

Materials needed: A household iron, 1 sheet reusable ironing paper and a heavy flat object (book or similar).

Step 1: Place the beaded art on a heat safe surface.

Step 5

Step 2: Place the ironing paper over the beads.

Step 4

Step 3: Set the iron on medium heat (two dots).

Step 4

Step 4: Iron the beads lightly until they stick together.

Step 6

Step 5: Carefully remove the beaded art from the pegboard. We suggest you use an oven mitt when touching the pegboard – it gets warm!

Step 7

Step 6: Continue ironing the beads on the same side as before, so that they stick together nicely.

Step 8

Step 7: Place a flat, heavy object on top of the beads and leave to cool.

Step 9

Done! 😀

Important information

  • Temperature can vary between different irons. First, try on a smaller project to find the right setting for your iron.
  • Ironing should be done by an adult, keep the children at a safe distance. Keep in mind that the melted beads are warm.
  • Make sure the iron is set to “dry” not “steam”. Hot steam can affect the fixation of the beads.
  • NABBI Jumbo beads require a longer ironing time.
  • NABBI BioBeads are more heat sensitive than standard NABBI beads, so we do not recommend ironing the beads together.

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