Ironing instructions

How to ironing beads

Materials needed: A household iron, 1 sheet reusable ironing paper and a heavy flat object (book 📚 or similar).
Penguin bead pattern

1️⃣ Before ironing the beads, place the pegboard on a heat-safe and flat surface.


2️⃣ Place the ironing paper over the beads.

Ironing beads with a hot iron

3️⃣ Iron with a hot iron, which is set to maximum temperature on top of the ironing paper. Move the iron constantly in a circular motion, so it does not get too hot in one place. Finish ironing when you see through the paper that the beads have fused together.

  • 🌡 The temperature can vary between different irons, first try on a smaller project to find the right setting for your iron.
  • ⚠ The ironing should be done by an adult, keep the children at a safe distance. Keep in mind that the melted beads are warm.
  • ⚠ Make sure the iron is set to “dry”, not “steam”. Hot steam can affect the fixation of the beads.
  • ⚠ It is important that you do not iron on pegs that do not have beads, they can melt and be flatten and then the pegboard is destroyed.
  • ⚠ NABBI Jumbo beads require longer ironing time.

4️⃣ Carefully remove the fused beads from the pegboard. Then place a heavy book (📚) or similar on top of the beads so that it stays flat. Now let the beads cool down (⏳).

To stabilize the beads, turn the uncoated side up and repeat steps 2️⃣ till 4️⃣.

Beaded penguin

Congratulations, now your bead project is done! 😀

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